How Long Will a Roof Replacement Take?

After taking a look at its age, condition and having a professional come in and perform an inspection, you may be wondering how long a roof replacement project will end up taking after picking out a date. Your roof is constantly working at keeping your home safe and keeping exterior elements out, so it is important to schedule your start for sooner rather than later.

Starting Your Roof Replacement

Like most home improvement projects, weather is a top concern when it comes to starting a roof replacement. Your contractor will ideally want to wait for a stretch of days with mild temperatures — think in the 60s and 70s — without the threat of wet weather coming in to create leaks mid-project. After major storms, contractors receive more calls about scheduling repairs and replacements, so depending on where you fall in line you may need to wait a short time for your project to begin. Depending on the damage, your contractor may move you up to beat upcoming storms.

How Long Will a Roof Replacement Project Take?

After calling for an initial inspection and estimate, the time from when you make the first call to when the finishing touches are being put on your new roof should take about three weeks. Your contractor will take measurements of each surface to ensure that enough materials will be available on-site for the duration of the project. Your siding and windows will be placed under protective tarps to prevent dents, scratches, and cracks before your team of contractors begin removing each shingle from the roof, which will be replaced with shingles of the same strength and quality for uniformity in appearance and performance. Lower levels of your roofing unit will be inspected, repaired and waterproofed to stop leaks from forming in your attic. After the new flashing and shingles are installed, your contractor will perform another inspection to make sure your new roof is structurally sound and without issue.

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