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Summer Weather Issues to Watch Out For

It’s common to think about potential roof damage due to heavy ice and snowfall in the winter, but sometimes this leads people to overlook the issues hot summer weather can cause. The heat, humidity, and rain that often accompany the summer season can also have detrimental effects on your roof, so it’s important to keep these in mind.


First of all, the heat of summer itself can cause major damages to your roof, even more so if your roof is south-facing. The extreme heat of the sun can cause shingles to curl, crack, and even diminish or deteriorate. Routine inspections can help you identify this damage and know when it may be time to replace your roof, and if you are replacing your roof, it may be worthwhile to invest in specially made shingles that resist deterioration as a result of UV exposure.


Another aspect of summer weather that can damage your roof is the humidity, or the high level of water vapor which is present in the air. Kind of like when you sit a cold glass outside in the heat and water condenses on it, your roof will often be cooler than the air surrounding it, and the humidity will cause water to condense on your roof. Not only can this weaken singles and ruin insulation, but it can also cause major mold buildup, which should be avoided at all costs. Installing proper ventilation on your roof can help you to avoid these nasty problems caused by humidity.


Finally, excess rain can cause damage to your roof over time. Just like a rushing river erodes the rocks in its path, rainwater over time can erode the material of your roof, causing it to break down. This rain, combined with the other issues summer presents to your roof, can cause damages you may not have even thought of before. Again, routine inspections of your roof can help you identify when rain has started to take its toll, allowing you to make minor repairs before it becomes a much larger issue.

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So, even though summer may be the season for barbecues and playing outside in the long days before the sun goes down, it’s important to remember that it can also be a time of major challenges for your roof. From the sweltering heat to extensive rainfall and humidity, the summer season presents a number of issues you should watch out for. If you are having problems with your roof due to the summer weather, contact US Roofing today by calling1 (800) 696 – 8333 or filling out a contact form

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