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Keeping up with roof maintenance can prolong a roof’s life and delay inevitable replacement projects. Properly maintaining your roof allows you to prevent small problems from turning into major issues and will allow you to monitor the critical areas of your that may be roof vulnerable to damage and leaks. Your roof is the most valuable asset of your building since it keeps all things beneath it safe from the elements.

US Roofing offers roof maintenance programs custom tailored to you and your building.

Our Maintenance Plans include:

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Roof Inspection

Our team will complete a thorough inspection of your roof; cataloging, photographing and collecting  field data that we use to formulate a plan and schedule that best suits your roof’s needs.

During inspection we clean all gutters, drains and general roof debris.

Roof Report on Findings

After we have completed our inspection of your roof, we will provide you with a detailed report of our findings, complete with diagrams, analysis and photos for reference.

Depending on your roof conditions we would provide a roof assessment report which may include:

  • Roofing types and materials.
  • Total square footage and layout.
  • Materials assessment through core analysis.
  • Life expectancy.
  • Replacement or service life extension recommendations.
  • Thermal scans which show water infiltration of the roofing system.
  • Replacement budget estimations

Penetration Work

Got a new or existing roof that needs pipes, drains or HVAC installed? We can help. We offer a fully trained staff that will work with your Plumber, HVAC Tech or Electrician to insure that any penetrations in your roof are installed correctly per the roof type in place. We service all of in the New England Area and are equipped with materials to service any type of commercial roofing system insuring that your roof stays leak free and compliant to any existing Warranties in place.

Emergency Repairs

We offer four (4) hour (emergency), twenty four (24) hour (priority), and seventy- two (72) hour (standard) leak repairs in the New England Area.  We perform roof repairs, clear clogged roof drains and snow shoveling. Our dedicated crews and trucks are always on the ready and are trained and prepared to service any type of commercial roofing system. Weekdays, Weekends and Holidays. Night or Day.

Don't let small roofing problems become large ones.

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